Q+A with Colin Mickow, Marathoner and SCTC Runner

October 22, 2022

Skratch Team, Second City Track Club member Colin Mickow took some time after placing 6th in the Chicago Marathon to tell us a bit more about himself.

Tell us a bit about yourself, history, and athletic resume:
I am 31 years old, from Princeton, IL and currently reside in Oswego, ILI ran for the University of Illinois from 2008 to 2012. I then took about 6 years off of competitive running (did a lot of lifting in that time) to focus more on my career, and I eventually found myself back in the sport on the roads in 2018.
PRs: Half Marathon 1:01:44;
Marathon 2:11:22; both subject to change
6th place/2nd American 2021 BOA Chicago Marathon
15th 2020 Olympic Marathon Trials
2019 Oswego Gobbler Hobbler 10K Champion Club: Second City Track ClubCoach: Michael LucchesiMy other hobbies are my job as a financial analyst, keeping my wife happy, and walking my dog (that's about all that I have time for).

How did you get started in running?
I was always the best (along with my identical twin brother) at "the mile" in P.E. So, naturally, I had to do track. 7th grade was my first year, and, despite me trying to play soccer in highschool, I, somehow, eventually found myself doing cross country by sophomore year

What motivates you?
I went about 6 years (the previously mentioned time away) thinking about "what could have been". I'd rather not have that thought anymore.

What challenges you the most in running?
Unplowed sidewalks/trails (snow), ugh, it's coming

Tips for folks starting out?
Do not build too quickly, but the more you run the easier it will get, and of course hydrate/recover with Skratch Labs

Tips for more advanced runners?
More miles equals more better. Do whatever you can to prevent injury in order to allow yourself to handle more volume, and hydrate with Skratch Labs

Go to gear?
Nike Pegasus for training. I've been wearing them since high school. Nike Air Zoom Alphfly Next% for racing. You can't beat that bounce. COROS Apex watch, always accurate and you will definitely like the pace it says you ran.

Favorite meals for pre and post workouts and races?
Favorite meal is Double Steak Burrito from the great Chipotle. Pre-race go-to is spaghetti marinara with grilled chicken.

How you fuel during training?
How you fuel during a race? I will use the Sport Hydration after/before almost all runs to make sure that I am properly hydrated. I use Sport Recovery after workouts and long-runs because I think the protein is important after a harder effort.

What races have you enjoyed the most?
US Olympic Marathon Trials. I was still fairly new to the road running world, so it was fun to be there and to just go for it! An alleged 4:10 mile 18 (according to my Strava) made for a tough finish though.

How do you handle stress or when you don't perform how you wanted to?
What stress? and don't say that

Do you have any favorite summer training tips? Any winter training tips? Run hard no matter the weather, except easy days, take those easy  

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