Starting From Skratch: Hillary Allen

May 10, 2019

What happens when an ultrarunner decides to race a 200 mile gravel grinder?

Watch the video below and find out!

Ultra-runner Hillary Allen (@hillygoat_climbs) is battling back from a brutal fall in 2017, and then a broken ankle this winter. Her rehab and training lately has been mostly on two wheels. With Dr. Allen Lim & Skratch Labs coaching her on, we had a crazy idea -- would Hillary want to ride in the upcoming Dirty Kanza on June 1st -- 200 miles of epic gravel cycling? Of course she said yes!

So how do you turn an elite ultra-runner into an elite gravel cyclist in 4 weeks? Watch as Allen & friends teach Hillary the basics of riding big gravel from scratch -- great pro tips for any cyclist.

Are you starting something from scratch? We support you! Email us at if we can help!

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