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We started from scratch.

To build a better sports drink, Dr. Allen Lim set out to accomplish three things:

  • use less sugar
  • include more electrolytes
  • only use fruit for flavor
Dr. Allen LimSports Physiologist
& Skratch founder

Dr. Allen Lim

"Sometimes the best option is the simplest option. Focusing on what the body needs is key and natural ingredients are the clear winners. You don't sweat Red Dye #40, so why drink it?"

Real ingredients the body needs.

You may be a complex person but your nutrition needs aren't. Simple is good. Real is even better.

  • The ratio of electrolytes you actually lose when you sweat
  • Right amount of sugar to replace the energy you've burned
  • Non-GMO, gluten free, and kosher


"I am always searching for products that not only help keep me fueled and hydrated, but taste good too. Skratch keeps my body moving and my tastebuds happy!"

Taylor PhinnyPro Cyclist


"Some days I drink 15 bottles during training. Traditional sports drinks bogged me down and had me feeling sluggish. I've learned my body needs real stuff for fuel."