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Hydration every day drink mix

The lemon-lime is good stuff.


Perfect flavor and no over powering after taste unlike other products

Great alternative to plain water, but I'd like a bit more flavor

I don't know if it's possible to get more flavor since the point of this is it's supposed to be light on calories/carbs and just have electrolytes, but for my palate I'd love a touch more. It's a great thirst quencher though, and certainly doesn't taste bad to me, great on a hot day when you're sweating but at exercise intensity, for example I had a cold glass of this on a break from mowing the lawn and it hit the spot.

Salted Margarita everyday hydration drink mix

I have used Skratch labs products for years and have always been amazed by their science and research, their innovations, and willingness to listen to their customers needs. I have never tried the everyday hydration drink mix. When slated margarita flavor dropped, had to try it. Not disappointed. It is both refreshing and salty, exactly what is needed on hot summer days when electrolytes needs replenishing but you don't want to add calories. When the order arrived, I was shocked by the small size of the bag compared to their other multi-serving bags, but yes there are 30 servings. Comparing the scoops sizes it is astonishing when sugar is removed. It has become my go to additive for day after race/training drink and on hot days working in the garden. It fits my needs perfectly to not add sugar on recovery days and will become part of my normal restock. It is a must try if you have not done so already.


Love the flavors

Good, could use a little more convnience and maybe sweetness.

I am not a huge fan of sweet things, but I think they could us a tiny tiny tiny tiny bit of sugar to make it just slightly more balanced in flavor. I normally use another brand of a low calorie low sweetness hydration tab, and the convenience of the form factor of the tab and 1g of sugar make it a slightly more enjoyable product. That said, the skratch stuff is also excellent.

Cucumber lime is delicious

Tje cucumber lime is not overpowered, not too sweet, it is like having delicious spa cucumber water w a slight hint of lime. I would drink it as a summer drink, but it really helps fuel my hot summer runs. No GI distres, and normally I have to be very careful what I drink. I'm very pleased and will order this again! Absolutely love it.


Not bad…

Kellie W.
Everyday Mix - Average

The Everyday Drink Mix was average. I didn't enjoy the unsweetened flavor and didn't notice a big difference in my hydration throughout the day. It is nice to know that there are options to enhance hydration, even on rest days or less intense performance. I would try it again for comparison to regular water; but my initial experience was average.

love love love!

Skratch always delivers. Love the everyday as a standalone (*SO* happy to have an option that doesn't have stevia in it!) and as an add-in to pump up the classic sport hydration mix. Total gamechanger for summer training and racing. Easy on the gut and the tastebuds. 10/10