Super High-Carb Sport Drink Mix

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for your biggest days

  • Our Super High-Carb Sport Drink Mix (formerly Superfuel) was created for athletes who push so hard that they can’t easily take in enough calories to perform at their best.

    For years, we’ve preached fueling with real food, like our famous rice cakes or Energy Bars. Why? Because traditional fueling gels and drinks use carbohydrates that break down too fast to tolerate, causing gastrointestinal distress. But we get it -- you can’t always make or carry real food -- you want power in a bottle.

    We’ve discovered the answer in a better carbohydrate (with a funny name) that digests steadily, like real food does: Cluster Dextrin™.

    Super High-Carb gives you up to 400 calories, powered by Cluster Dextrin™, plus the electrolytes lost in sweat to fuel and hydrate your biggest days.

    We’ve tested this product for over 20 months with the world’s greatest athletes, including Gold Medalist Triathlete Gwen Jorgensen. It has allowed these athletes to drink their fuel on some of the longest and most intense events in the world when they can’t eat real food, without causing gastrointestinal distress.

    Use it when there's no time to chew. 


  • Lemon + Lime: Cluster Dextrin™ (Highly-Branched Cyclic Dextrin), Fructose, Citric Acid, Sodium Citrate, Lemon Oil, Lime Oil, Lemon Juice, Lime Juice.

    Raspberry: Cluster Dextrin™ (Highly-Branched Cyclic Dextrin), Fructose, Cane Sugar, Raspberry Juice, Sodium Citrate, Citric Acid, Malic Acid. 


  • To Use: Add 7 scoops to 8 fl oz of water. Shake vigorously. Add remaining 8-12 additional fl oz of water and shake again. For better mixing, let sit for 15 minutes before use.

    Provides up to 400 Kcals in a bottle. Use more or less mix per bottle depending on your caloric need.

    *Learn more about concentrating super high-carb to make a gel here.

    • Why is the serving size for the super high-carb drink mix’s 840g bag a 105-gram serving, but the portable single serving pouch for the same product is only 53 grams? Why 200 calories in a single?  
      Everyone is their own experiment with nutrition requirements. Our 200-calorie packet allows for an easier way to customize caloric needs. It also allows for better portability and product portion testing in training.

      Can I use more than one 200-calorie serving pouch in a single bottle?
      Sure can! The flexibility of the single pouch allows you to increase or decrease the amount depending on weather, activity, and intensity.

      How you use it all depends on how many calories you need to take in, and how much water you want to drink to get those calories. Think of it as food when you don't have (or can't chew) food.

      To learn more about best practices head to our Super High-Carb Science and Practice Blog.

      I’ve used the scoop from the super high-carb drink mix bag in the past to prepare my bottle. How many scoops are equal to the new portable single-serving pouch?
      Our High-Carb Drink Mix 200-calorie pouch contains the equivalent of 3.5 scoops of High-Carb Drink Mix.

      3.5 scoops or 1 x 53g packet Super High-Carb Drink Mix = 200 calories and 190mg of sodium

      7 scoops or 2 x 53g packets Super High-Carb Sport Drink Mix = 400 calories and 380mg of sodium

      You can always start with less and add more as needed, based on your caloric and electrolyte needs.

      How many calories do I need in my bottle? 400? 200? Another amount?
      Think of Super High-Carb as an easy way to carry a lot of calories to meet your needs. Ultimately, we recommend that you replace about 1/2 the calories you burn per hour to maintain your blood sugar levels and to make sure you don't run out of carbohydrate in your muscle (glycogen). Depending upon your fitness and intensity, 200 or 400 Calories may or may not be enough for you. So you can think of Super High-Carb Sport Drink Mix as a convenient way to get what you need without upsetting your gut. Don't think of this as what you have to consume. Consider starting by testing 1 to 1.5 pouches (or if using a Super High-Carb bag 3.5-5 scoops) in 16 oz of water and go from there.

      Do I need a separate bottle of Hydration Sport Drink Mix?
      One serving of Super High-Carb provides the equivalent amount of hydration as one serving of Hydration Sport Drink Mix. That said, 1 bottle or about 1/2 liter may not be enough to replace your fluid losses from sweat. So if you do need more hydration beyond one bottle, then our Sport Drink Mix still fits the bill. Realize that optimal hydration and optimal fueling are not the same thing. We don't always lose calories in proportion to the fluid we lose. On hot days, you may not even need Super High-Carb if you are using our Hydration Sport Drink Mix at a rate that matches your fluid losses, and therefore getting enough fluid and calories to meet your needs. On cooler days, you may find that you're burning the same amount of energy but not sweating as much, so based on your increased fuel needs and lower fluid needs, a higher calorie Super High-Carb bottle is a better solution. Think of Super High-Carb and our Sport Drink Mix as two very different types of tools. It's not that one is better than the other. One is a big hammer without a lot of fluid. The other is a little hammer with a lot more fluid.

      You can mix High-Carb with our other hydration mixes into one bottle but you’ll want to do some math and make sure you are getting an appropriate combination of carbs, sodium, and liquid to your needs and to avoid GI distress (too many carbs in too short of a period and you’ll be busting your gut…). This ratio can change depending on the weather, effort, and other factors, so test things in training and if you have questions, hit us up:

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 918 reviews

      Love it!

      When bonking isn't an option.

      Learned about Skratch energy from a 100 mile Superior Trail runner 3 years ago. Since, I've used it in 3 Superior trail marathons. I noticed a big difference in energy, not bonking through to the end. I'll be running again this Sept. I'm 75 years old.


      I use this instead of gels on my long runs and races. My stomach can't usually handle the gels but this drink mix works great! Light flavor. Love the lemon lime. All the info they have online was super helpful when I first started using it, to figure out the right mix amount for myself. Thanks Skratch!

      If only it would mix up easier

      Great product, but I can't get it to mix without clumping. So it's not something I can take with me on long rides and replenish. I've even tried getting little mixer balls to put in my water bottles. Still clump city. :( Also, it would be great to have fuel-only and hydration (electrolyte)-only formulas to mix as we need. I found that with a different brand.


      I love this product! It mixes in well, allows you to adjust the calories in your drink, and most importantly tastes great. I usually mix one scoops of High-Carb with one scoop Skratch Hydration mix and a lime and have it in my water bottle every day I ride.


      A must have on long runs in the morning! I’m not huge on breakfast and this allows me to get some fuel and hydration before/during a workout. Taste great too. Easy to digest.


      Good stuff

      The fuel you want & need

      New to marathon swimming and heard of Skratch labs. I tried this mix and loved it! Love the flexibility on the 4-7 scoops, adjusting for effort and overall distance/time swam (maybe not what you're supposed to do but works for me). Mild on the stomach so you're not feeling too full. Easy to drink, no bonking - just what you want & need on an 8hr swim.


      I’m sold on Skratch because all of their products are sweetened with real fruit and I don’t have any digestive issues when doing long rides and fueling with their products. I’m blown away by their quick, efficient customer service as my products ship out very quickly! 👍


      I love it. I mix it with some sweeter Skratch Labs mix drink and it's to my taste. But, I have to be on top of my solids intake when I take it.